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The economics of modern marriage have changed, and so has the concept of alimony. Traditionally, one spouse, typically the husband, was the primary bread winner. Alimony payments were meant to support the stay-at-home spouse after the breakup of the marriage. In contemporary families, however, both parties may financially contribute to the marriage. Determining who pays what and to whom can be an involved process.

At Brickley Law, our experienced New Canaan divorce attorney has helped numerous spouses on both sides of the alimony dispute reach favorable settlements. Whether through negotiation or litigation, our number one goal is safeguarding our client’s financial stability.

Keeping Your Finances on Solid Ground

Alimony used to always be a perpetual agreement. The more financially advantaged spouse made payments continually until death or remarriage. Connecticut family courts, however, are more likely to view alimony as rehabilitative and temporary. Careful deliberation is given to just how much monetary support is needed to get a spouse back on firm financial footing. Permanent alimony is usually reserved for those parties who may be unable to work due to health or age issues.

Our New Canaan​ divorce lawyer is well versed in what factors the family courts use to determine alimony eligibility. These may include:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Age and health of each spouse
  • Financial resources
  • Child custody arrangements
  • Employability of each spouse
  • Who was at fault for the dissolution of the marriage

Experience Equals Effective Representation

Because of the diverse parameters involved, family courts have broad discretion when determining alimony. Our skilled New Canaan family law attorney has the years of experience necessary to analyze the likely outcome of alimony courts orders. Our founding lawyer personally works with all of our clients, listening to their concerns and counseling on what to expect.

The Brickley Law has the practical knowledge to effectively represent you in all matters of determining alimony. Whether you are planning on negotiating payments or seeking to modify an existing court order, we have the experience and heartfelt compassion to successfully assist you.

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