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We Believe the Best Interests of Your Child Is Paramount

The emotional impact on divorce is difficult for the spouses involved. For children, however, it can be especially traumatic. When deciding on child custody matters, state courts put the best interests of the child first and foremost when making their rulings.

At Brickley Law, we know your family’s needs are your first priority. Even in the most amicable of divorces, child custody issues can often be the most problematic. In cases when a parent is concerned about their child’s safety, they can be especially contentious. Our New Canaan divorce lawyer is a skilled advocate, dedicated to protecting our clients’ rights. Our founding attorney will personally work with you to reach an optimal child custody settlement for your family.

Parenting Plans in Connecticut

State law requires parents to present a parenting plan to family courts detailing the parameters of their child custody. If one is not presented, the judge will order one for them. Additionally, the courts will be involved if one parent requests a modification of a current parenting plan.

Our experienced New Canaan divorce lawyer can effectively help you determine all necessary aspects of your parenting plan, including but not limited to:

  • Schedule of child’s physical residence
  • Allocation for responsibility of decision-making authority in regards to the child
  • Method for resolving possible future disputes
  • Provisions to address child’s changing needs as they mature


Practical Matters of Custody

Child custody is not a one-size-fits-all affair. Family courts rely heavily on what is fair, reasonable and practical for the child. Many variations come into play when deciding if the agreement will grant the parents sole or joint legal or physical custody. Third-parties, such as grandparents, may have a legal role in the child’s life as well.

There are two types of child custody matters that family courts consider: Physical and legal. Each one may be either sole or joint. Sole custody is when one parent has the complete rights and responsibilities. Joint custody is when these legal rights regarding the child are shared. Joint, however, doesn’t always mean equal. What is best for the child in these matters always takes precedence.

Physical custody refers to where the child will live and with whom. If the child spends more than half of the time at one parent’s home, that parent is said to maintain the primary physical residence. Legal custody refers to the parent’s rights to make major decisions regarding the welfare of the child. These decisions can include where they will attend school, what religion they may practice, and health care decisions.

Beneficial Outcomes for Your Family

At Brickley Law, we understand the impact child custody decisions have on divorcing couples and their families. Our New Canaan family law attorney will personally meet with you to discuss your options in creating an effective and constructive parenting plan. Whether you are working harmoniously with your spouse for joint custody, or are seeking sole custody to protect your child, we will assertively advocate for a beneficial outcome for your family.

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