• Employment Law

    Advising a medical worker regarding her rights when faced with the possibility of a reassignment from a private setting to a hospital setting treating COVID-19 patients when she just learned that she is pregnant.

  • Employment Law

    Advising an executive with respect to his rights and duties when confronted with potential illegal accounting practices and fraud.

  • Probate Litigation

    Representing the beneficiaries of a trust in an action against the trustee seeking the removal of the trustee by alleging, among other things, that the trustee has failed to properly discharge trustee’s fiduciary duties to the beneficiaries.

    Representing the executor in a will challenge where is it is claimed that the will appointing the executor is invalid based on a claimed lack of capacity and undue influence. Also, involves the defense of additional claims brought in superior against our client.

  • Wrongful Termination

    Representing an employee against their employer for wrongful discharge where the employee was terminated when they were following written policies and procedures of the employer.

  • Dog attack/dog bite case

    Currently representing clients whose dog was viciously attacked by another dog and they became victims when they tried to save their dog.

  • Motor vehicle accident

    Currently representing a client who suffered serious and life threatening injuries when the car they were driving was t-boned by a driver who was speeding and ran a red light.

  • Probate

    Representing clients in a probate dispute where the power of attorney misused the power to direct assets to their own use and to hijack our client’s rightful inheritance.

  • Will Dispute

    Representing clients in a will dispute where the administrator failed to disclose assets in an estate and diverted the assets to their own use hijacking our clients’ rightful inheritance.

  • Post-Judgment

    Representing a client in a divorce post-judgment matter.

  • Coaching

    Coaching a client in a divorce post-judgment matter.

  • Tax Assessment Appeals

    Representation of three clients on tax assessment appeals.

  • Conservatorship

    Involuntary conservatorship over elder person with no known family members.

  • Executive Employment Agreement

    Representation of client in drafting and negotiation of executive employment agreement.

  • Injury

    Representation of client injured when she was struck by a cart and knocked to the ground while she was shopping at the supermarket.

  • Inheritance Matter

    Representation of a client in an interference with an inheritance matter.

  • Abuse of Power Of Attorney

    Representation of a client in an abuse of a power of attorney matter.

  • Wrongful Termination

    Representation of client who was terminated from her employment after notifying her employer that she was pregnant.

  • Elder Financial Abuse

    Representation of elderly client in legal action against multiple banks for breach of fiduciary duties and other claims for their failure to protect them against elder financial abuse

  • Personal Injury

    Representation of client who suffered severe and painful injuries and significant lost of wages due to a fall in a pothole in a poorly maintained parking lot of a store

  • Employment Discrimination

    Representation of client who suffered religious discrimination in employment

  • Conservatorship

    Conservatorship of the person and of the finances for an elderly client

  • Prenuptial Agreement

    Representation of a client in the drafting and negotiation of a prenuptial agreement where there is a significant financial disparity between the parties

  • Post Modification

    Coaching client in a post modification enforcement action where spouse has been refusing to comply with separation agreement and concealing income

  • Auto Accident

    Representation of client who was injured when a negligent driver struck an electrial pole causing heavy electrical cables to fall on their car causing them physical and emotional injuries and totaling their car

  • Auto Accident

    Representation of client who suffered severe injuries and whose car was totaled when a negligent driver failed to yield the right of way

  • Probate

    Representation of client in a probate dispute where the client was living in the home of the parent at the time of the parent’s death and there was no will

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