Wrongful Termination

Connecticut is one of many states with “at will” employment laws, meaning both employers and their employees may terminate this relationship without needing a reason. If this termination violates a public policy or an employment contract, however, it may not be lawful. The emotional and financial impact of a wrongful termination can be substantial, but you have a right to pursue justice through legal action.

At Brickley Law, our New Canaan employment lawyer is well-versed in wrongful termination claims. If you feel that you have been unlawfully fired or laid off, we can help you take strong legal action to enforce your employee rights. We proudly offer our clients the highly personalized counsel of a boutique practice, with the skill and effectiveness associated with larger firms.

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What Qualifies as Wrongful Termination?

There are a number of state and federal statutes which legally protect the rights of employees. There are essentially two basic types of wrongful termination in Connecticut, a termination in violation of public policy, including state and federal laws, and a violation of an employment contract. This contract does not necessarily need to be written and signed, as verbal contracts can often be enforced in court.

You may have grounds for a claim if your employer:

  • Violated state or federal anti-discrimination laws
  • Fired you as sexual harassment (not acquiescing to advances, for example)
  • Violated a collective bargaining agreement
  • Violated your written or verbal contract
  • Violated federal or state labor laws
  • Fired you in retaliation for specific types of complaints


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Even after a wrongful termination, many people are hesitant to pursue legal claims against their former employer. You have both a right and an obligation, however to pursue justice. Not only can you seek compensation for your wrongful termination, but you can also help other employees avoid the same unlawful treatment you received.

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