Slip & Fall Accidents

The Basics of Slip and Fall Litigation

Sometimes all it takes is the smallest of steps to change your life irreversibly. A wet floor  or an icy sidewalk can lead to a slip and fall with deep and long-lasting consequences for your health, wealth and quality of life.

Even worse, it’s often not the victim’s fault. One simple slip can lead to a fractured neck or shattered spine, creating lifelong disabilities — or even death in the worst cases.

More Common Than You May Think

Slip and falls result in millions of emergency room visits annually. Federal data shows that almost 20,000 people die every year from slips and falls. Countless thousands more people are injured. Often, the most serious injuries occur from falls from relatively short distances.

Fortunately, the legal system in Connecticut provides strong protection for people who have been injured through another person’s negligence. You may be entitled to fair compensation for any injuries or losses you have suffered if negligence is present.

How Do Slip and Fall Injuries Happen?

A slip and fall often occurs when a walking surface is uneven, broken, damaged or slick with rain, ice or snow. Federal data shows that these type of surface defects cause an astounding 2 million falls every year.

While anyone can suffer a serious fall injury, older people are the most vulnerable. Seniors represent nearly 70% of all slip and fall deaths. As bone density lowers with age, and our bodies lose their recuperative power, we face greater risk from slip and falls. These risks extend to traumatic brain injuries, which are also often caused by falls. It should be noted that a fall does not even need to be especially violent to cause a brain injury. Older people with less brain plasticity can suffer concussions or more severe damage from moderate falls.

Other common injuries related to slip and falls include broken bones, spinal injuries, severe cuts and internal injuries from the force of the fall.

What Do I Need to Prove?

In Connecticut slip and fall cases are brought under premises liability laws. Plaintiffs need to prove:

  • That the property owner breached its duty of care
  • That unreasonably dangerous conditions were present
  • That those conditions caused the accident

Lawsuits may also be affected by whether the property owner knew of the dangerous conditions and/or had reasonable time to repair them.

Finding a Connecticut Slip and Fall Attorney

If you have been hurt in a fall, it’s important to understand your options. If you are on private property that has not been properly maintained, and that improper maintenance contributed to your injury, you may be able to seek compensation via the legal system.

In many cases, it makes sense to consult with a local law firm that handles this type of litigation before you make any significant decisions or enter into any discussions about a settlement.

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