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Car accidents are among the leading causes of personal injury in the United States. From minor fender benders to major multiple car pileups, auto crashes can happen anywhere and anytime, and can result in devastating damages. If you or someone you love has been involved in a car crash, do not wait another moment. Our New Canaan personal injury lawyer has the experience and knowledge needed to work directly with any insurance company as you seek compensation for your damages.

If you have been injured in an automobile accident due to no fault of your own, then you must speak with our New Canaan car accident lawyer. Call (203) 599-3600 ​for a consultation.

Helping Norwalk & New Canaan victims through complex insurance negotiations

Getting the compensation to which you are entitled after a car accident is often not an easy process. Insurance companies use all the facts and resources at their disposal to mitigate or avoid liability. And because of the speed at which accidents can occur, the involved parties, and even eyewitnesses, are often not entirely sure what actually happened.

You can be certain the insurance company is closely examining the available facts to pinpoint anything they can use to their advantage. And you need an experienced car accident lawyer who can secure evidence that can be used to protect YOUR best interests and rights.

Located in New Canaan and serving Norwalk, Wilton, and Darien, Brickley Law can force the insurance company to negotiate in good faith. We can present a compelling case on your behalf and will be prepared to go to trial if necessary to get a fair result.

Common Issues in Car Accident Cases

New Canaan personal injury attorneys routinely face numerous issues during car accident litigation. The first issue is nearly always establishing fault. In many cases, such as those involving distracted or drunk drivers, fault is fairly clear. In others, however, determining what actually happened can be a challenge. Lawyers must often take statements from the involved drivers, interview witnesses, thoroughly review police reports and photographs, and even use accident reconstruction experts to determine what occurred.

The second challenge is establishing the extent and severity of a client’s injuries and losses and assigning them a reasonable monetary value. Insurance companies can be notoriously immovable on this subject, in that they require attorneys to present compelling medical, vocational, and economic evidence to substantiate their claims.

The third obstacle often always involves insurance companies. Insurance laws play a huge role in most car crash cases. A car accident lawyer must thoroughly understand what coverage is available and when it may be necessary to investigate the possible liability of third parties. For example, the manufacturer of defective auto parts may be a potential source of compensation in cases where the involved drivers have insufficient insurance coverage to compensate the injured victim fully.

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Our New Canaan personal injury lawyer understands what our clients are going through while recovering from a serious car, motorcycle, or truck accident injury. They are concerned with how their cases are proceeding and are overwhelmed with other aspects of their treatment and recovery. That is why we endeavor to strike a balance by collaborating with our clients and keeping them informed, while still providing comprehensive service throughout the process.

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Our client received $100,000.00 (policy limits) for a motor vehicle accident which resulted in a fractured wrist and where client fully recovered.

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$75,000 Disability Discrimination

Our client received $75,000.00 in settlement of a disability discrimination claim.

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$197,500 Probate Litigation

Our client received $197,500.00 in settlement of a dispute over an intestate estate.

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