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When a loved one passes away and their estate is distributed through the probate process, a beneficiary or trustee who feels as though they are being improperly treated or discriminated against may opt to dispute the execution. A poorly-constructed or vague will or trust may be subject to additional scrutiny, particularly in instances where there is pre-existing family disagreement or drama. When this occurs, it is important to have the services of a skilled New Canaan probate attorney on your side to assist with the dispute resolution.

The Brickley Law has substantial experience with family law cases, including the creation, execution, and litigation of probate processes. Having worked with several large Wall Street firms, Attorney Brickley can approach your case with the experience and knowledgeability of a large law office while providing the individualized service of a small firm. Each of her clients receives the close personal attention and quality service that their case deserves.

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Helping You Avoid a Stressful Dispute

Because will and trust disputes can become very heated due to “family baggage,” we make it our mission to help you resolve your disputes in a fair and efficient manner, before emotions and stress take their toll on beneficiaries.

There are several dispute resolution processes that we may be able to assist you with, including:

  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Litigation

We strongly encourage beneficiaries to air any grievances regarding a will or trust’s execution early and move to seek a resolution quickly. This means beneficiaries should meet regularly and keep communication open in order to keep discussions calm and rational. More often the longer a dispute resolution process takes, the more difficult the negotiations will become as emotional reactions can inhibit coming to a resolution.

Having a skilled probate litigation lawyer to assist you in the dispute resolution process is pivotal to coming to a fair and mutually beneficial outcome. A neutral mediator can help discuss any grievances or concerns in an informal setting and work to ensure all parties remain content and happy. This can also help preserve family relationships to the furthest extent possible.

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