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When a loved one passes away and their estate is in the probate process, a beneficiary/heir who feels as though the will is invalid, the intentions of the decedent are not being discharged or that they are being improperly treated may opt to dispute the execution. A poorly-constructed or vague will may be subject to additional scrutiny, particularly in instances where there is pre-existing family disagreement or drama.

Helping You Avoid a Stressful Dispute

Because will and trust disputes can become very heated due to “family baggage,” we make it our mission to help you resolve your disputes in a fair and efficient manner, before emotions and stress take their toll on beneficiaries/heirs.

Probate Litigation & Will Challenges

Even the most carefully drafted estate planning documents can be disputed. These disputes can be resolved through settlement. Sometimes, it is not possible to reach an agreement and it becomes necessary to seek a resolution through the court process.

Will Challenges

Numerous disputes can arise in probate matters. Challenges can arise with respect to the making and validity of a Will such as:

  • Due execution – The Will was not executed with the proper legal formalities.
  • Testamentary capacity – The testator was incompetent at the time of execution.
  • Undue influence – The Will was the product of improper influence.
  • Fraud – The Will was the product of fraud.


Disputes can also arise with respect to actions of executors and administrators such as:

  • Motion to Remove – Where a fiduciary or administrator is not properly discharging their duties.
  • Accounting – Where a fiduciary or administrator is not properly handling funds or property.

If you are an heir or beneficiary and feel that the executor or administrator is not acting in the best interest of the Estate or is keeping you in the dark we can help.


We can also help if you are acting as an executor or administrator and you are defending a challenge to the validity of a will or claims against your handling of an estate.

We are dedicated to working with you and your family to resolve these disputes.


Generally, an individual can dispose of his or her property during their lifetime in any manner and to whom they desire. In certain circumstances, such transfers can be challenged. Sometimes individuals will use undue influence or fraud to cause someone else, often an elderly person, to transfer property to them and deplete their estate and hijack someone’s inheritance.

It is possible to bring a civil lawsuit against someone who through undue influence or fraud has caused someone to transfer assets to them and hijack the inheritance of intended beneficiaries or heirs.

There are several dispute resolution processes that we may be able to assist you with, including:

  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Litigation

Having a skilled probate litigation lawyer to assist you in the dispute resolution process is pivotal to coming to a fair and mutually beneficial outcome. This can also help preserve family relationships to the furthest extent possible.

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