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No one is more vulnerable on the road than a pedestrian. Even at fairly low speeds, an impact from an automobile can leave a pedestrian with serious injuries. Likewise, indirect collisions, such as being clipped by a passing car, can do significant damage.

Drivers have a duty to be aware of pedestrians crossing or otherwise traveling in close proximity to the road. Nevertheless, excessive speed, inattentiveness or other lapses in judgment on the part of these drivers can lead to serious personal injuries. Our New Canaan personal injury lawyer and legal team at Brickley Law serve those in Norwalk, Wilton, Darien, and surrounding areas. We understand the broad impact a pedestrian accident can have on your life and on the lives of your family members. That is why we fight to get victims the compensation they deserve so they can move on with their recoveries and their lives.

How Pedestrian Accidents Occur

One of the most frequent situations in which pedestrian accidents occur is as the victim attempts to cross the street. Many drivers are ignorant of their obligations in this situation and make misjudgments. In other cases, drivers are simply not aware of pedestrians, especially at dawn or dusk hours when visibility is limited. Pedestrians who are walking along sidewalks and other thoroughfares can be injured by the secondary effects of a violent auto accident. Out-of-control vehicles, broken glass and flying debris are all potential hazards to those nearby when an accident occurs.

Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries

  • Pedestrians are susceptible to a whole host of injuries when involved in a collision or other vehicle accident:
  • Orthopedic injuries: Injuries of the knees, hips and back are commonly caused by an initial impact.
  • Serious head and neck injuries: Pedestrians who are thrown or knocked down can suffer from these injuries.
  • Psychological problems: The trauma of being struck by a speeding vehicle can lead to long-term psychological problems.

An effective injury lawyer must take stock of these injuries, identify all potentially liable parties and pursue full and fair compensation in light of the circumstances.

Discuss Your Accident with an Attorney in New Canaan

Brickley Law has helped injured people in Connecticut recover fair compensation for injuries sustained in pedestrian accidents. We will come to the hospital or your home. Our firm offers ample free parking and contingency fees for personal injury cases. We serve clients throughout Fairfield County, including Norwalk, New Canaan, Wilton, Weston, Westport, Darien, Redding, Stamford, and Ridgefield.

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