Confrontations And Physical Attacks Over Social Distancing May Give Rise To Personal Injury Claims Banner

Stress associated with the fear of contracting COVID-19 has given rise to verbal confrontations and physical attacks issues associated with social distancing.

Recently in Louisville a man was filmed shoving three women and grabbing the neck of another because he believed that they were not engaging in proper social distancing.

An earlier confrontation over physical distancing occurred in an emergency room in New York City and resulted in the death of an 86 year old woman suffering from dementia. The elderly woman became disoriented and grabbed the IV pole of another patient who shoved her to the ground causing the elderly woman to suffer a fatal head injury.

It can be expected that most people are experiencing stress and anxiety about contracting COVID-19. However, confronting people and taking physical action against them may not only result in criminal charges but also potentially a civil lawsuit for damages. People concerned that someone may not be complying with guidelines related to COVID-19, such as social distancing or wearing a face covering, should avoid taking matters into their own hands and seek out the assistance of the police.

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