Employee Safety Issues Escalate As Employees Are Called Upon To Implement Covid-19 Safety Measures Banner

It seemed that the biggest safety issue facing employees due to the pandemic was protecting themselves from contracting COVID-19. Now it seems that the implementation and enforcement of safety procedures enacted by the state and/or employers are raising further serious safety issues for the employees who are on the frontlines for enforcing such procedures.

Physical And Verbal Attacks Of Employees Appear To Be On The Rise

Recently in New Hampshire, an argument allegedly arose between two men shopping at a Walmart over social distancing.  As the exchange escalated, a Walmart associate attempted to intervene and subdue the argument. As a result of his efforts to defuse the situation, the employee was threatened and attacked.

In another recent and even more disturbing incident alleged to have occurred at a Target store in California, two target customers shopping at the store refused to wear masks. A Target security guard approached the shoppers and attempted to enforce the mask policy. When the customers refused, the security guard tried to escort the shoppers from the store premises. As a result, a confrontation arose and the security guard was attacked by one of the shoppers and suffered a broken arm.

A shopper in a California Walmart threatened to shoot a Walmart associate when told by the associate that they would have to leave the store unless they wore a face covering.

A Walmart associate in Alabama was allegedly body-slammed by a customer when the associate asked the customer to wear a mask.

These sorts of incidents seem to be increasing and raise serious concerns for the safety of employees who are placed in a position of responsibility for enforcing safety policies and procedures.


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