Protecting Your Pets During The Pandemic Banner

The CDC believes that COVID-19 can be transmitted to pets through close contact with an infected person. Accordingly, the CDC recommends that you treat your pet like any other member of your household and take precautions to protect them during the pandemic.

  • Do not allow pets to interact with people outside your household.
  • Keep a proper social distance between your pet, other animals and people when outside your home.
  • Avoid dog parks.
  • Avoid crowded places where dogs or people congregate.
  • Any ill household member should be quarantined from the rest of the household including pets.

Speak To Your Veterinarian

It is also important to discuss recommendations with your veterinarian.  And if you or your pet show sign of illness, make sure to discuss how best to care for your pet with your veterinarian.

How To Care For Your Pet If You Are Sick

If you show sign of sickness, if possible,

  • Have another household member care for your pet.
  • Avoid interaction and contact with your pet.
  • If there is no household member to care for your pet while you are sick, you should wear a face covering and gloves when interacting with your pet.

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