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Car accidents are among the leading causes of injuries in this country, and they can have devastating consequences for those involved. There are many causes of Connecticut car accidents, but most accidents are results of aggressive driving or road rage, distracted driving, or intoxicated driving. In the tragic event of the death of a loved one, wrongful death claims can help to hold others accountable for their actions and to recover compensation for losses from car accidents.

Wrongful Death Claims

In a wrongful death action, the right to bring the case and recover damages belongs to the decedent. The right to bring a wrongful death action exists because it is seen as a continuation of the decedent’s right to assert a claim as if they had lived. A wrongful death claim can be — and often is — brought by a personal representative of the estate of the decedent.

In a wrongful death claim, the plaintiff has to prove that there was a violation of the standard of care, as well as a causal relationship between the injury and the decedent’s death. Therefore, as in other negligence claims, in wrongful death claims, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant is legally at fault for the accident and that the accident was the proximate cause of the injury or death.

Recent Connecticut Car Crash Results in Two Deaths

According to one news source, two people were killed in a recent crash earlier this month in Waterbury. The crash occurred at around 12:15 a.m. when the car crashed into a utility pole and then hit a home. The individuals in the car were 22 years old and 20 years old, and they were pronounced dead at the scene. Nobody in the home was injured, but power was out in the area for hours. An eyewitness said that he rushed to help and that the driver was still alive, but he died shortly thereafter.

Police stated that the crash may have been a result of an argument that began a few blocks up the street. Officers said that the two individuals in the car had gotten into an argument with another group and that one of them was found shot in the car. However, state and local police continue to investigate the crash. At this point, road rage has not been ruled out as a cause of the accident.

The crash was not the first that occurred at the intersection; two years ago, a teenager was also killed at the same intersection.

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