Stamford Senior Citizen Killed in Pedestrian Crash While Out for a Walk Banner

An elderly Stamford man died after being struck by a vehicle while walking along Newfield Avenue.

Stamford police report that Erwin Reich, 72, was struck and killed by the driver of a 2013 Toyota RAV4 on Sept. 24.

Reich was walking in the northbound lane around 6 a.m. when he was hit by the driver, who was also traveling north. EMS personnel transported Reich to a local ER where the man was pronounced dead. The driver did not leave the crash site and was cooperative with police.

Though no charges have been filed, police are asking anyone who saw the crash to contact them at 203-977-4712.

Road Traffic is Down — but Deaths are Rising

While COVID-19 has reduced traffic volumes in cities and states across the nation, a surprising thing has occurred: Traffic accidents and fatalities are rising in many jurisdictions. New York City, for example, has seen a four-year high in road deaths in 2020, despite reporting a sharp decline in actual traffic.

Data published by the Hartford Courant earlier this year shows the same phenomenon is occurring locally.

So why are pedestrians, motorists and cyclists at greater risk even when streets are relatively empty?

Safety advocates suggest that emptier streets are leading to more reckless behavior on the part of motorists. When people see open roads, they are tempted to drive faster. While that may be human nature to some extent, it is also very risky behavior — as the traffic accident numbers bear out.

Compounding the problem is that roads are designed to encourage faster driving when traffic is lower. Human engineering and human nature have combined to make speeding irresistible to a significant number of motorists — which has caused serious problems for other people.

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