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On March 20th, the governor of the state of Connecticut suspended in person business operations for non-essential businesses from March 23rd through April 22. On March 22nd, a list of essential businesses exempt from the order was released.

On April 7th, the state Department of Economic and Community Development issued mandatory safety measures to be taken by all businesses allowed to remain open during the government shut down. Some of those measures are detailed below.

Some of the basics

  • Wherever possible, employees should work from home
  • Control visitor access to the workplace

Limit person to person contact

  • Implement social distancing
  • Deliver goods or services remotely or through person less contact
  • Increase ventilation in the workplace

Reduce transmission

  • Frequently clean transmission points such as doorknobs and elevator buttons
  • Provide hand sanitizer to employees
  • Follow the CDC recommendations for disinfecting the workplace if an employee is believed or confirmed to have COVID-19

Employee guidelines

  • If you have been exposed to COVID19 should notify their supervisor and should not go to work
  • Employees who are sick should not go to work

Guidelines where an employee has confirmed COVID-19

  • Employers should inform employees of their possible exposure while maintaining the confidentiality of the ill employee

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