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Wage and Hour Claims

The State of Connecticut maintains strict laws regarding wages and hours. To ensure that employers do not underpay or deny their employees the wages that are due to them, employers are governed by the Connecticut Wage Act. This act ensures that employers provide full compensation for employees and the hours they have worked.

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What Can I Do about Being Denied Wages?

Employers are required to pay their employees for the hours they have worked. If an employee’s hours exceed 40 hours per week, employers are required to pay them time and a half of their hourly wage. If you have been denied wages, you may be able to file a wrongful withholding of wages claim.

Unfortunately, some employers will do anything they can to evade paying their employees. Even if it means misclassifying employees, some employers will attempt to circumvent the law in order to avoid paying overtime. With over two decades of in-depth legal experience, our New Canaan employment lawyer will exhaust every avenue to ensure that you hold your employer liable for the wages they have withheld.

Are Bonuses Considered Wages?

With regard to bonuses, Connecticut courts have customarily held that employers are not required to pay bonuses that are considered optional or discretionary. Thus, the ability to claim wrongful withholding of wages for a bonus is solely dependent upon the employer defending the conditions of the bonus. For example, if a bonus is dependent upon a certain amount of hours worked, and the employee succeeds the amount of hours, the employer is required to pay the bonus. However, if the bonus is based on more ambiguous conditions, the legal situation becomes far more complex.

At Brickley Law, we are dedicated to protecting your best interests. We will fight to show that your wages have been wrongly withheld and seek the justice that you deserve. We may even be able to recover twice the amount of your wage, bonus, or attorney fees.

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